The Board of Directors are looking for interested individuals that would be willing to serve on the following Committees: Citizens Tax Advisory, Budget, Employee Relations, Board Policy-Vision, Funding, Equipment, and Disaster Preparedness-Planning.

Committees are focused working groups of the Board of Directors.  Their primary purpose is to conduct the work of the Board.  The Board, generally speaking, cannot do this type of work in an efficient and expeditious manner.  Therefore, the Board creates committees.  The Board President or designee shall outline the duties and responsibilities of each committee at the time of appointment (APM-8.1, 2011).

Here are the following committees and their duties and responsibilities.  It should be noted that Board President Bone (as does the Board) believes in a collaborative approach.  That is not lost here as public participation is encouraged and sought after.  Staff is also expected and encouraged to participate in committee activities.    

The Citizens Tax Advisory Committee (CTAC)

The CTAC will be the recipient of all tax correspondence relative to changes, mistakes, corrections, and interpretations of District Tax Policy.  If a particular situation has no rule, one will be suggested and the board will vote; that vote will create policy.  The CTAC will suggest tax policy to the Board Policy-Vision Committee.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for the annual budget preparation; review of the annual audit; a mid year budget report, and a final budget report.  This committee shall review all items brought to the Board prior to acceptance or rejection of those activities not accounted for in the annual budget.

Employee Employer Relations Committee (EERC)

The EERC negotiates contracts, meets and confers as needed or directed by the Board.

Board Policy-Vision Committee 

The Board Policy-Vision Committee reviews, revises, creates, and recommends policy and SOG's.  This Committee will also recommend Long Term Plans that align with the District's Vision Statement.

Funding Committee

The Funding Committee is committed to finding new sources of revenue.  The Board has given approval of the committees members to meet with supervisors, administrators, politicians, company representatives, and community groups.

Equipment Committee

The Equipment Committee works closely with the District's grant writer, budget and policy committees, as well as all employment classifications at all levels, and the firefighters association.  This committee looks for staff/board consensus on apparatus and equipment. The committee will research, evaluate, and / or recommend any items pertaining to apparatus, rescue/ EMS equipment, and PPE.

 Disaster Preparedness/Planning Committee

The DPPC works to create and monitor a community-wide disaster preparedness plan that works to coordinate the various emergency response agencies with community members/business/volunteer groups and the fire district.

Committee staffing should consist of the following minimum staffing: Board members (2), fire chief (1), officer (1), firefighter (1), safety volunteer (1), non-safety volunteer (1), reserve firefighter (1),  and public member (1+).  Board members, safety volunteers, and non-safety volunteers all live within the fire district.

Committee reports should report to the board with the following key points:

  • The issue(s)
  • Recommendation
  • Fiscal impacts
  • Alternatives/Considerations
  • Background
  • Committee Recommendation
  • Relationship to the mission and vision
  • Recommended Board Action

The complete and current listing of committees and their members are listed below.

If you are interested you can contact us through the Contact tab above.

CommitteesCommittee MembersTypeRegular Meeting Schedule 2016
See Calendar for More Information 
Board Policy/Vision Liz Martin, Joe Conway, Sean GrinnellStandingQuarterly

Budget/FinanceJoe Conway, David Love, Sean GrinnellStandingIn the months of Jan, Feb 15, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep.
All meetings start at 5pm or just prior to the Regular Board meeting for the month.

Citizens Tax AdvisoryLiz Martin, Joe Conway, Sean Grinnell
Ad HocAs Needed

Disaster Preparedness and PlanningCharlie Bone, Linda Stout, Dave Kruppa
Patty Ginochio, Dave Blottie
Sean Grinnell, Steve Herzberg, Dewey Kribs
Ad HocAs Needed

Employee/Employer RelationsCharlie Bone, David Kruppa, Sean Grinnell
Local 3015 Reps-David Bynum, Justin Fox,
Steve Herzberg
Ad HocAs Needed

EquipmentDavid Kruppa, Liz Martin, Justin Fox, Jason Downing, Heath Lesik, Bonnie King, Ray Hill, Steve Herzberg, Sean Grinnell, Dewey KribsStandingQuarterly and more as needed

FundingCharlie Bone, Liz Martin, Justin Fox, Sean Grinnell, 
Patty Ginochio
Ad HocQuarterly

Consolidation/EMSLiz Martin, Charlie Bone, Sean GrinnellAd HocAs needed

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