BBFPD Infectious Disease Control Officer: Assistant Chief Steve Herzberg: 707-875-3001 



Our Mission

To provide the highest level of emergency and prevention services to the citizens of the District and visitors to our community in an effort to reduce the loss of life and property due to fire, medical, and other emergencies.

Our Vision

The Bodega Bay Fire Protection District is dedicated to achieving our District's mission by reducing and managing the risk of undesirable occurrences such as fire, medical, natural disasters and other emergencies by:

  • Providing superior services
  • Meeting the highest standards of fire, medical and other emergency services
  • Reducing the possibility of harm to the people and property of the District and visitors to our community.

The District is committed to maintaining a program of risk prevention through education, inspection, cooperation with other public agencies and any other means that may become available.


Board Directors/Officers for 2022

Liz Martin-President, Charlie Bone-VP, Dave Kruppa, David Love, Joe Conway


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