About the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District

History of the Bodega Bay area Fire/Rescue Services:


Bodega Bay Volunteer Fire Department:

Organized March 18, 1953 by motion made by Roy Faught, 2nd by Col. Lee Miles that we have a volunteer fire department.
The First Fire Engine was purchased for $350.00 on April 6, 1953.
Established to protect area residents and the gasoline fishing fleet.
Used telephone system to advise of a call.
Did not respond to medical emergencies...

Bodega Bay Area Rescue:

Organized January 5th, 1975.  All Volunteer.  The ambulance was stationed at houses.
Provided service to Bodega Bay, Bodega, Valley Ford, and sometimes Jenner.
Early ambulance crews were trained to the Advanced First Aid level.  A few crew members were RN's.  The Sheriff's
Department provided the first Emergency Medical Technician Training.  Attendants were required to be EMT's and the drivers could still be Advanced First Aid trained.
No Paramedic back up provided from Sebastopol until 1978.  Prior to this time the funeral home ambulance in Guerneville or an ambulance from Santa Rosa or Sebastopol would provide service to the Bodega Bay area.

Bodega Bay Fire Protection District:

In 1984 A ballot measure was initiated to create a special fire district which would merge BBAR, Inc.
and the Bodega Bay Volunteer Fire Department.  The voters passed the ballot measure
and created the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District.
In 1984 the first new apparatus was purchased-A Type One Engine.
In 1985 the new fire district hired four firefighter / EMT's to operate the Ambulance and to staff the fire station.
The fire station was shared with the Bodega Bay Fisherman's Association until 1988.
The ambulance responded to all fire calls in addition to all medical incidents.
In 1994 the ambulance was upgraded to provide paramedic level services.
In 1995 the third person was added to cover weekend shifts.
In 1996 the third person was added to all shifts.
In 1997 crews moved into the new fire station located at 510 Highway One.
As of now, the fire district is staffed with a full-time Fire Chief, a full-time Administrative Assistant, Three Captains,
Four Paramedic/Firefighters, Two Firefighter/EMT's, Nine Firefighter/Interns, two Reserve Firefighters, and four Volunteers.

Effective April 1, 2019, The Board of Supervisors began funding the 4th Firefighter/Paramedic Position.

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