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Living with Fire in Sonoma County.  A Homeowners Guide 

Ready, Set, Go! Your personal Wildland Fire Action Guide

BBFPD is now rated an ISO 4/10.  Keep in mind that you must be within 5 road miles of either station and within 1000 ft of a fire hydrant to receive the 4 rating.

Knox Boxes (secure Fire Dept. Access) for your home Click Here

Please contact Cal Fire at 707-576-2342 for Fire Hazard (WEEDS) Issues located in or around structures.  Call BBFPD for all weed issues on vacant lots.

Sonoma County Fire: Roadside Chipper Program: Click here 


Grant Award: updated April 2019

The District has received a grant to develop and implement a Wildfire Action Plan for Bodega Bay. The objectives of the grant are two-fold:

  • To increase the public safety awareness of 1913 District parcel owners in preparing and implementing a Wildfire Action Plan for their family, home, structure, and property.
  • To increase public safety awareness by establishing an ongoing informational liaison with Bodega Bay businesses and State / County governmental agencies overseeing tourist venues, by preparing and implementing a Wildfire Action Plan.

Update: Final fire zone and evacuation route mapping (including personal contacts with California State Parks, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, and interface property owners) has taken place and we are preparing a community mail out and follow-up contact with tourist venues.

    A Wildfire Preparedness and Response component has been added to the District’s Disaster Preparedness Plan and Bodega Bay CERT conducted a Wildland Fire Response Community Meeting.

    An informational resource, Living with Fire in Sonoma County: A Homeowner’s Guide is accessible on the District Home Page as well as information on participating in PERMIT Sonoma’s Chipper Program (to create defensible space around homes and provide clear access routes to properties). In addition, the District and Sonoma County have agreed to participation in a $19,000 grant program for inspection and the reduction of hazard-prone vegetation.

    Our thanks to the California Fire Foundation and PG&E for funding and supporting this project.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of emergency and prevention services to the citizens of the District and visitors to our community in an effort to reduce the loss of life and property due to fire, medical, and other emergencies.

Our Vision

The Bodega Bay Fire Protection District is dedicated to achieving our District's mission by reducing and managing the risk of undesirable occurrences such as fire, medical, natural disasters and other emergencies by:

  • Providing superior services
  • Meeting the highest standards of fire, medical and other emergency services
  • Reducing the possibility of harm to the people and property of the District and visitors to our community.

The District is committed to maintaining a program of risk prevention through education, inspection, cooperation with other public agencies and any other means that may become available.


Board Directors/Officers:  2020/21

Liz Martin-President, Charlie Bone-VP, Dave Kruppa, David Love, Joe Conway


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